Sunday, 18 August 2013

28 Days to go...


  • Only 28 days until my first day of University.

In between now and then I have two weeks left of summer, then I go back into teaching for two weeks. 

Im really nervous now about leaving full time work and also about undertaking a new Degree that I know will be a challenge. Im going to miss my students so much and seeing them achieve their grades... I love teaching. 

I have been studying through the summer to up my Human Biological understanding. I find it fascinating, i have also done a lot of reading about Oncology and relevant topics. 

Im really excited now that I have my desk space all organised, my book shelves are up and filling up. 
I enrolled at my School two days ago. I AM OFFICIALLY A STUDENT AGAIN!!  It's funny that they will not let me change my ID photo, so my University card is a photo of me when I was 17... Now that I am 25 it looks a little weird but a lot more flattering so that's ok with me! 

I will do future posts on:

  • What books I recommend
  • My Study area
  • what I carry in my university bag

If there is anything you would like to see my write a post about please leave it in a comment below, also if you have a Nurse blog I would love to follow so please say hello below. 

Remember the way to a man's heart is through his vena cava.

Have a nice day 

kelly x


  1. You'll be fine, enjoy your time at uni.

  2. Can you visit my blog? :) xoxo